Non-Standard Home Enhancements

Non-Standard Home Enhancements

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Non-Standard Home Enhancements

In the past 10 years television programmes like Grand Designs have influenced the UK property market in many ways, most notably the rise in popularity of non-standard construction methods.

While traditional thatch has been around since the Bronze Age, 21st Century Huf houses, excessive use of glass or timber as well as a multitude of other materials have been creating issues for insurers nationwide.

Our insurance is designed for your creative clients whose household risks are often difficult to place elsewhere in the market.  Our covers include but are not limited to;

  • Timber framed properties
  • Steel framed properties
  • Eco homes
  • Essex, cob, wattle and daub (made from a combination of wet soil, clay, sand, animal dung and straw)
  • Non-combustible pre-fabricated
  • Properties in conservation areas
  • Stramit
  • Flat roofs (various types of construction)
  • Properties with shingle roofs

Cover Provided

  • Buildings and contents
  • All risks and accidental damage options
  • Emergency home assistance and family legal protection included free for owner occupiers
  • D theft protection

We now have more in-house underwriting capability (so reduced referral time) across Renovations and Building Works, up to £300,000 works value, as well as an additional 20% of construction types quoting automatically.  In addition, increased footprint across Buildings / Contents Sum Insured; Previous Claims; and Unoccupied Properties.

We also have increased footprint in homes renting through Airbnb, up to 90 days p/a on referral, previously 30 days.

Whether you get regular or only occasional enquiries about non-standard property cover, we offer the flexibility to obtain quotes for this complex business on an ad-hoc basis via EDI on the following software houses;

  • Acturis
  • Open GI
  • SSP