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Terrorism 30 Aug 2019

UK Terrorism Insurance: A discussion with Geo Specialty


Earlier this month we updated our Terrorism policy wording. Marcus Meredith, Head of Terrorism at Geo Specialty, explains what these changes mean to brokers and their customers.

  • Unoccupied properties are now covered. Based on broker feedback on UK retail market, we've simplified our wording and expanded our cover, making it easier to insure empty residential properties and part-time vacant Commercial properties.
  • Non-Damage Denial of Access Sublimit increased to 15% and £2,500,000 as standard, with no BI waiting period.
  • Suppliers extensions increased to £2,500,000 and unspecified to £250,000 with no BI waiting period.
  • Alternative Accommodation increased to 35% of BDV as standard with no BI waiting period.

For any questions, please contact Marcus on or 07990 511 995.

For a fast online quote, you can also find us on Acturis and iQuo.

If you don’t have an account with us and would like to register for iQuo please complete this form.

Geo Terrorism product features:

  • Limits Available up to £188,000,000 per occurrence and per location in the UK
  • $250,000,000 per occurrence available worldwide
  • Direct access to decision-making Underwriters
  • Product summary.

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