Political Violence

Geo Specialty Political Violence has created a facility to cater for both the UK and International Insurance markets.
The facility offers direct access to our Underwriting team, which is backed by 100% Lloyd’s capacity and wordings, ensuring your client, Commercial or Private, has the Political Violence insurance coverage they need.

If you do not have an agency with us, please email us at politicalviolence@geospecialty.co.uk and we'll get you set up.



Looking back on 2017 we saw an unprecedented increase in Terrorist activity across the UK and Western Europe, this has brought the coverage options available in the market under increased scrutiny.
The UK’s government backed Pool Re Terrorism cover, set up to protect businesses and properties after a sustained campaign of violence from the IRA, has now become outdated. This is due to the lack of flexibility on coverages as well as the evolving face of Terrorism, and the switch of focus from large scale bombings to less sophisticated attacks, such as the vehicle and knife incidents we have witnessed recently.

Geo Specialty has created a ground-breaking wording which focuses on the business interruption consequences of terrorist acts, and not only the property damage. This enables your clients to rest easy that they have cover in place not just for any physical rebuild costs but also for any loss of income or loss of attraction following a Terrorist act.
Our standard policy wording offers a broad range of cover for today’s uncertainties. Additionally, we are able to adapt it to give you a bespoke comprehensive cover that fits your needs and requirements, thereby providing peace of mind should an attack occur.


If you are looking to insure an oilfield in Iraq through to a shopping mall in Idaho, Geo Political Violence has the in-house expertise and ability to offer market leading and bespoke cover from Terrorism acts through to Full War cover.
Recent years have seen increasing uncertainty globally as companies face harsh realities of political instability and unrest, as well as a renewed Nuclear Arms race. We have developed insurance policies that will enable your clients to have the peace of mind that they have suitable cover in place to counter any property or income interruption following a Terrorist act.

Our expert team in London is available to discuss coverage options and advise you on the most appropriate cover available, as well as designing bespoke policies so that if you are a small commercial enterprise, or a multi-national you will have the cover you require.

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The team

Marcus Meredith

Marcus Meredith is the Senior Underwriter for Geo Specialty Political Violence.
He has 7 years of Political Violence MGA Underwriting experience, having previously worked for a prominent Lloyd’s syndicates’ Political Violence division as a Middle East and North Africa analyst. Prior to this he spent time in Afghanistan, North Africa and Central America as a Captain in the Coldstream Guards.

07990 511995 marcus.meredith@geospecialty.co.uk

Deanne Evans

Deanne Evans is the Underwriting Assistant for Geo Specialty Political Violence.
After studying Politics and International Relations at Oxford Brookes University, Deanne moved straight into a position at Novae Syndicate as an Outwards Reinsurance Technician focusing on the Marine, Political Violence and Credit & Political Risk classes of business. Deanne currently has 3 years’ experience in the London Insurance Market. She gained her Cert CII in her first year and is currently working towards the CII Diploma.

020 7716 5108 deanne.evans@geospecialty.co.uk