Personal Lines

Personal Lines

Geo Personal Lines comprises Household and Let Property; we cover a variety of property types up and down the UK from contemporary eco homes to 16th century thatch, and B&B’s to landlord’s portfolios. Our products and distribution are supported by quality capacity and cutting-edge AI, all underpinned by our experienced underwriting team and backed by A- or higher rated carriers.

Put simply we want to deliver products our brokers want and their customers value.

Andy Baughan

Andy Baughan

CEO Personal Lines


At Geo Personal Lines, we’re working to create underwriting solutions that suit your client’s property needs.

With the constant change in lifestyles, comes the evolution of insurance and cover; recently this has meant our industry has become more about risk mitigation than simply paying out claims. Our aim is to provide your clients with comprehensive household insurance that reduces their likelihood of claiming.

Let Property

Our Let Property products are challenging the status quo within insurance and being committed to providing the best cover for everyone. We provide cover for all tenants including asylum seekers, tenants subsidised through Housing Benefits, single parents, tenants with criminal convictions, and professional tenants; we keep your clients’ Let Properties covered.

As well as individual risks, our underwriters manage customer portfolios with a chosen capacity provider in real-time, providing both parties with an equitable financial return.

Acting as data scientists and customer advocates, our experienced underwriters are equipped to ensure even the most complex of risks are covered.


If you need to get in touch with our claims provider, Direct Group, you can call them on;

01302 303 670

Or email

Please note these details are only for Household, Let Property and Holiday Homes.