Golf theme bar: a case study

Golf theme bar: a case study

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Golf theme bar: a case study

Themed bars are on the rise across the UK; separate from standard wine bars and public houses, these venues have a variety of additional problems for insurance brokers.


A popular rise nationwide has been high-end, retro themed, indoor golf and bar venues including live entertainment; market placement can be a challenge with typical routes to market not having an appetite for this new type of venue model.


Geo Sports, Leisure & Entertainment were approached by to cover a golf theme bar, who required a combined insurance package for casualty and property.


The key risks involved in a venue of this nature are related to customer safety, slips and falls are not uncommon. Bars of this nature can easily lose business if they suffer any lengthy closure or bad publicity, as such EoW, fire and theft of the property are also important risks to be considered.


Underwriters can struggle to write these types of risks, due to the venue having a combination of both a bar and leisure activities available, however our specialist Late Night Venues product offers the perfect solution to a client of this nature


Our Prestige Bar facility offers all the standard covers as well as specific covers for a bar and leisure risk, such as;

  • Loss of licence £100,000 (as standard)
  • Fraud & dishonesty cover £25,000 (a standard).

We provided comprehensive terms for all activities, across multiple locations


Premiums typically £1,250 upwards

Whether your client is a new business or an established one, we provide comprehensive cover to protect the assets of the business including material damage, business interruption, liability, loss of licence, D&O and access to optional Geo Specialty Political Violence cover if required.


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